Victoria Climbie Inquiry February 2000

The inquiry focused on the tragic death of Victoria Climbie by her then aunt Ms Marie-Therese Kouao and her then partner Mr Carl Manning. Both were found guilty of her murder.

The Inquiry, chaired by Lord Laming, took evidence from all those involved in the case, from social services, health, housing and the police and a series of seminars with invited contributors were also held.

Lord Laming (the Laming report) was responsible for all evidence collected from local authorities, (social services, housing services and the police). The report detailed information gathered for all of the services that where involved in a series of seminars.

The aim was to discover exactly what had happen and how such a tradegy could go un-missed by so many social workers, council employees and the police, all of which were aware of the mistreatment of Victoria before her tragic murder.

The finding of the inquiry pointed a finger at the failing of individuals and there departments to inform other relevant agencies about the extent of the abuse and the complete lack of empathy and focus on a vunerable child.

The report concluded with advice that the heads of local authority departments must in future be held accountable for failings to pass on or relay information about cases of abuse or mistreatment of children within their care. The emphasis was place on Haringay Council, especially on Victoria's social worker Lisa Arthurworrey.